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Peter Macdonald


Below are some examples of recent inspections that I have conducted to help illustrate what I do as well as what I am able to do for my clients. Please note that each Case Study is only a brief synopsis of my inspection and does not include all of the observations made or data recorded.

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‘Condensation with a twist’
An interesting case where a combination of cavity wall insulation, blocked ventilation and the life style of the occupants of the property resulted in condensation forming within the cavity wall and damp walls.

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‘Cavity wall insulation found to be transmitting moisture’
The client's building society had requsested a full timber and rising damp inspection. The property had severe visible damp problems and the client was not sure what was causing it.

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‘That’s not rising damp – it's condensation’
A housing association was told that this property needed a complete new damp proof course and associated re-plastering. My investigation revealed the problem to be condensation – not rising damp.

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‘Rising Damp – yes – but not possible to treat effectively’
This house had rising damp in virtually all walls but due to its construction and other circumstances the introduction of an effective damp proof course was not a practical option – despite the fact that two damp treatment companies thought otherwise.

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‘Rising Damp was present but a new damp proof course was not required’
This was a property with extensive rising damp problems in most walls but a new damp proof course was not considered necessary.
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‘Why couldn’t any of the specialist companies get it right?’
This is a case where, following my inspection, three reputable specialist timber and damp treatment companies were given the opportunity to inspect a virtually empty house. There was easy access beneath the ground floor, but each one failed to conduct a thorough inspection thus a comprehensive report of the 'whole' situation together with estimates for my client was unfortunately never going to happen.


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