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You may find yourself in the position where you have received an estimate or discussed your job or building problem with a contractor but due to the terminology used you may not fully understand what you have been told. Sometimes the use of such terminology is unavoidable or is necessary to avoid doubt but some contractors use this terminology intentionally in documents and conversation, perhaps to impress.  To help you understand more fully we have created a brief glossary of words commomly used in the building industry which we have broken this down into Roof, Stairs and Floor categories. Alternatively you may use the A-Z facility in the drop down menu on the left if you wish to look up the meaning of a word.


Glossary of Roof Reminology

Click here to view the Roof Terminology page












Glossary of Staircase Terminology

Click here to view the Staircase Terminology page











Glossary of Suspended Timber Floor Terminology

Click here to view the Suspended Timber Floor Terminology page


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