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You are now about to view some of the most frequently visited pages on this site. In each of the sub categories listed below are questions submitted by previous site visitors together with answers.

To view questions and answers in the category that is of interest to you just click on the relevant title. This will open the category and the first question and answer in that category will be displayed. Once the category is open just scroll down and click on other questions and answers that you want to view. To quickly revert back to the 'Question Category' page click on the 'Your Questions Answered' in the menu on the left.

If you are not able to find what you are looking for remember that you may also submit your own question by clicking the 'Ask us a question' box.


Peter's question answering service is intended to provide quick answers to relatively straight forward questions. Peter will not enter into a protracted exchange of emails nor is he able to be specific in his answers for complex issues.

Please research previously submitted questions before submitting your question to check if a similar question has been asked before.


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